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Aging Isn’t Easy: Dr. Chapman’s Aging Story & Adding Hormonal Balance Supplements

Dr. Chapman

So far, my life as a 45 year old has been equal parts great fun and despair. I’ve dedicated more time to Bible studies, prayer, and re-prioritizing my life for a bigger and better purpose. Those changes have led to more love for people and more peace in life. I view my children, family, friends, neighbors, church members, and my patients as my mission ground, devoting my life’s work to them.

Now for the yucky things…

I started to push books, magazines, and other reading materials further away in order to read clearly this year. My optometrist says holding things further away from you to read typically starts being noticeable around age 45. I am so happy to know that I am average in that department. No one wants anything to be premature in the aging process!

Regularly exercising and eating healthier food, I have considered myself fairly health-minded for most of my life. I have never smoked nor have done drugs and I have only ever tried sweet wine a few times. Nonetheless, I got hyperemesis gravidarum for both of my pregnancies as well as the resulting GERD. I have also had some myofacial pains and mild osteoarthritis. And recently, I have been suffering from pre-menopausal hormonal imbalances.

In my quest for better personal wellness and health, I have been drinking Kangen water which helped with GERD, myofacial pains, and my overall well-being. Also, I have gotten acupuncture treatments, chiropractic adjustments, and deep-tissue massages when my myofacial pains get worse. I recently tried yoga and was thrilled with how much it helped with everything including myofacial pains. I can’t wait to find a place to go regularly.

Furthermore, I have been taking herbal progesterone pellets called Progon B which greatly help my pre-menopausal progesterone deficiency and other symptoms. After taking PPIs (reflux medications) for seven years, I stopped them cold-turkey two years ago and have been taking natural digestive enzymes and probiotics which helped more than PPIs. I also started restricting my gluten intake which only further helped my GERD. Overall, these medical issues have been the single biggest challenge in my life since the births of my children. But they have also been blessings in helping me become a stronger person and a stronger believer in God.

However, I want to draw attention to how we as women are challenged by different issues related to our bodies at different stages throughout our lives. We all know what happens at puberty. Then come the body image issues in young adulthood followed by child births and finally, pre-menopausal symptoms and menopause. I had no idea what kind of surprises each stage of being a woman would bring, and I have studied medicine for a long time!!! I feel such a need to continue educating myself and encouraging other women to learn and understand their own bodies, especially when it comes to hormonal imbalances.

For the last twelve years, I have absolutely loved helping women look and feel better with non-surgical aesthetic procedures. I have gained a deep understanding of how to help women with their look, and as a result, gained national recognition for what I do. I have even had the privilege to teach medical students, medical residents, physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and physicians’ assistants how to perform those procedures. In my practice, I have had many fantastic opportunities to meet women of different ages, ethnicities, and walks of life gaining further knowledge of women’s physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. Because of my own experiences and those of my patients, I have come to realize the importance of expanding my medical practice to include comprehensive anti-aging, naturopathic, nutritional, and hormonal balancing treatments.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story about aging and thanks for continuing to let me and my wonderful staff at LaserMed be a part of yours as well.

-Dr. Jean Chapman

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