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Anti-Aging: Look Younger By Being Thankful?

Smiling Woman Looks Younger By Dr. Jean Chapman

I treated 150 patients this month, mostly women. Average age of 52. One of them is a dear lady who’s been a regular patient for several years. She’s moving away to Seattle, Washington next week. She came in to make sure she thanks us all for her treatments as well as our friendship. She is an attractive Greek woman who acts young and looks at least 10 years younger. I was wondering for the rest of that day what makes her look so young and charming other than her good genes. It dawned on me that what shines through were her smiles and thankfulness.  When we thank others and smile, the endorphins and other happy hormones that circulate through our body must make us look younger.

As we all sadly know, our faces head southbound when we age. The signs show earlier for some and a good bit later for others.  Nonetheless, it all seems to sag.  Most of these nice ladies I see at my office are not worried that their faces don’t look like young Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Aniston. They are concerned that their faces appear sad, more tired and more masculine than they want. I hear a lot of them say, “I wish I looked less tired than I feel.” “I wish I didn’t look so mad to my grandchildren when I’m not.”  We all seem to agree that we want to look younger not to be vain but to be pleasant and healthy to ourselves and others. I have over ten years of experience in how to help these folks with lasers, injections, peels, special serums and other gadgets for their wishes.

But there is something more than that. There are several other key ingredients some of these patients bring to me that make my job more successful. I am beginning to believe that one of the essential ingredients is their smiles and thankfulness. When we appreciate what we have and what others do for us, we do so by smiling which changes our sad, tired, unhappy aging faces to happier, younger, and brighter faces. I am sure there are scientific reasons why that is true. It is just that no one will invest in long-term double-blinded placebo studies to explain why since there is product to be developed and thus no monetary benefit of such a study other than to know for sure that our faces will stay younger when we have more happy hormones by being more thankful and smiling.

I wish this patient the best in Seattle and hope to see her happy, pretty face again. She bought a smaller place in Atlanta to come back to visit, so I am sure we can keep up with her. Blessings cannot be contained within. It becomes a true blessing when it flows over to others and touches them. Thankfulness and smiles become blessings to those who give them and to those who receive them. Seems like a no-brainer that I should start adding this as part of my treatment plans for all my patients who come to see me in order to look younger and happier.

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