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Beauty is a Giving Heart



She came to me many years ago to discuss treatments for her leg veins and some facial procedures. I believe it was about 10 years ago. She is a fair-skinned, true blond hair, blue eyed beauty and received sclerotherapy on several visits at LaserMed. Then I found out she was a nurse. A registered nurse.

At the time I didn’t have a registered nurse at the clinic. I had a LPN, medical esthetician and a medical assistant. I thought it would be a great idea to add her as the LPN didn’t work out for us. She was a hard-working, smart nurse from day 1. Well-rounded and got along with coworkers well, but was exceptionally kind and accommodating to patients and they loved her. When it was time to be tough and strong, she was not a layer short of a true New Yorker which she was.

Her tricks from under her sleeves didn’t stop there. She is an amazing baker who brought cookies to work regularly and baked anywhere from beautiful to obscene cakes for staff birthdays. My husband offended his own mom by saying this nurse’s chocolate chip cookies were better than hers! She’s been baking for me loaves of Hungarian salt bread and egg bread along with her famous cookies every Christmas. A couple of times she even sewed warm blankets for my boys.

This woman is an amazing mom to 3 sons and grandma of 5 grandchildren today. She is still working at my clinic 10 years later! Lucky me!!

For those 10 years, she has been treated regularly with Botox, fillers, Sculptra, lasers, Ultherapy, sclerotherapy and RF needling. She has always protected her skin with zinc oxide containing broad spectrum physical sunscreen and has used awesome effective age-defying products such as SkinCeuticals vitamin C phloretin, and bioserum. No doubt, without going under the knife, she looks amazing!! Her skin is clear and radiant; she has no wrinkles, but exhibits natural facial expressions. She doesn’t have to worry about visible laxity either. What a joy it has been to work with her over a decade and watch her be so ahead of the game in this aging process!

What is the cherry on top though?

It is her inside beauty of a giving heart shining through on the outside that makes this natural beauty glow even more. A beautiful heart that gives never burns down. It keeps going strong, brilliant and radiant.

Dr. Chapman

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