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Can I Remove my Tattoo Myself?

Atlanta Laser Tattoo Removal Before and AfterAs Atlanta tattoo removal experts at LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic, we’re more than a little concerned that if you type ‘Can I Remove my Tattoo Myself?’ in the search bar, Google returns almost 7.5 million results. The short answer to this question is no but we’ll spend a few minutes answering any counterarguments you might have to the contrary.

The most common reason people want to find a non-medical option for removing a tattoo is that they want to save money. Professional, medical tattoo removal requires multiple sessions and while the procedures are not terribly expensive, people always try to find a cheaper method. However, all home remedy options for tattoo removal are either unsafe or ineffective. In fact the most common home remedy that shows up in search results for removing your tattoo at home involves salt. We won’t go into detail about that method here or link to any article that does because that method is wildly unsafe. In fact, many home remedies are very likely to leave you with a scar that is worse than the tattoo you want removed.

Perhaps the main reason to never attempt to remove your own tattoo is a simple one: your health. Many tattoo removal home remedies we have seen online leave your skin badly damaged, raw, and cut, making you vulnerable to infection. Simply using a bottle of rubbing alcohol does not mean that any raw or cut skin will be properly cleaned. From the specially designed tools used for the treatments to the recovery process for your treated area being overseen by a doctor, laser tattoo removal is safer, more effective, and healthier than any cost saving internet suggested remedy.
Laser tattoo removal at LaserMed and Skin and Vein Clinic is performed under the guidance of Dr. Jean Chapman. Using a laser to deliver high intensity light to the tattooed area, over the course of 5-8 treatment the tattoo usually fades until it is no longer visible. The price for a tattoo 3 inches in diameter done in blue or black ink is approximately $300 per treatment. While that price might seem high, it pales in comparison the risk of serious infection setting is or an unsightly scar setting in after an ill-considered home remedy tattoo removal.

For most people, getting a tattoo is a long-term decision. Unfortunately though, some people come to regret their tattoo and decide they want to have it removed. And at LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic, we can help. If you live in the Atlanta area, contact Dr. Jean Chapman today to schedule a consultation for your safe and effective laser tattoo removal.

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