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Dimples Are Adorable in Cheeks, Not Your Thighs

Does the thought of exposing your legs anywhere above the knee terrify you? Are Bermudas the only style of shorts you will wear? Do you search for a bathing suit with a skirt to provide the most coverage possible? One term says it all – cellulite. You are not alone in your frustration, and you are not at fault. Scientific study has found that, (unfortunately) women’s bodies are predisposed to develop cellulite. Statistics indicate that almost 90% of American women suffer from some degree of cellulite, and it is difficult to avoid developing the dimpling condition.

What is Cellulite?

According to the current medical standards, cellulite is defined as subcutaneous fat and fibrous tissue deposits that result in the dimpling of the skin surface on the thighs, hips and buttocks, giving it an appearance akin to an orange peel or cottage cheese. The formation of cellulite is a result of five factors: accumulation of toxins; enlarged fat cells; water retention; poor circulation; and thinning of connective tissue. For most women, weight is not a determinant in developing cellulite. In fact, cellulite is often even more visible in thin women. Even maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and exercise still does not always eradicate the cellulite, although building smooth muscle beneath the surface of the skin can help smooth out the surface to some degree, and a diet rich in non-processed foods can help decelerate the progression of the condition. Color of skin does not camouflage cellulite. In addition, cellulite does not disappear with traditional liposuction procedures – in fact – the bumpy, lumpy pockets may become more visible. Needless to say, cellulite is very stubborn.

LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic Recommends Resolution Cellulite Kit With FIT Laser Skin Tightening Treatments for a Dramatic Reduction in the Appearance of Cellulite

LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic Recommends Resolution Cellulite Kit With FIT Laser Skin Tightening Treatments for a Dramatic Reduction in the Appearance of Cellulite

Relief is In Sight

Although there is no miracle cure for Cellulite, LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic introduces a groundbreaking new product from ResolutionMD to help minimize the superficial signs of cellulite. Although the system may be used on its own, results are particularly effective and enhanced when the Resolution Cellulite® System is used in concert with a series of LaserMed’s FIT non-surgical skin tightening laser treatments. FIT is a Multipolar radio frequency procedure which targets laxity and sagginess on the body and face for instant, temporary tightening. Combining the Resolution Cellulite® System with a series of FIT treatment sessions will maintain the FIT skin tightening effects and minimize the bumpy appearance of cellulite.

How Does The Resolution Cellulite® System Work?

The application of the Resolution Cellulite® System follows a simple three step daily regimen:

1. Apply Cellurase™ Renewal Cream to targeted areas every night before bedtime. This formula contains high concentrations of Retinol, Vitamin C and Caffeine to reduce the appearance of cellulite by smoothing, firming and tightening your skin.

2. Apply Firming Moisturizer every morning before getting dressed. This product is designed to work in synergy with Cellurase™ Renewal Cream to enhance firming action and hydration while calming the skin. Superior results are achieved through the combination of the advanced Peptide Complex and Fruit Extract technologies with performance moisturizers and soothing botanicals such as Shea Butter, Green Tea, Aloe and Vitamin E.

3. Shower daily using Buff & Tone Body Wash, which combines exfoliating massage with high vitamin and amino rich Bladderwrack (Brown) Algae Extract along with Caffeine in the patented SalSphere™ delivery system infused into a bath sponge.

When Can I Expect to See Results?

When using Resolution Cellulite System as recommended in conjunction with a series of FIT laser treatments for the most effective reduction in the appearance of cellulite, immediate tightening and lifting is visible. When using the Resolution Cellulite® System on its own, you can see modest improvement beginning as early as 2 weeks, although more defined results are evident after 4 to 6 weeks. Although complete and total elimination of cellulite is not a realistic expectation of this groundbreaking system, you’ll be wearing short shorts and thigh high bathing suits in a short time with the exciting, visible results that can be achieved. As with most cosmetic procedures, use of the Resolution Cellulite® System needs to be continued for maintenance of results.

LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic is pleased to offer the FIT skin tightening laser treatments and  Resolution Cellulite® System as a package with special pricing in August 2014, or the Resolution Cellulite® System can be purchased  individually. The FIT laser treatment is done in less than an hour in Dr. Chapman’s office located on Old Alabama Rd. in Johns Creek, GA, an ideal location  for those living in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Cumming, Suwanne, Roswell and Johns Creek, as well as areas outside of the metro Atlanta area.

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