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How Does Christie Brinkley Look Great at 60?

Could It Be Ultherapy®?

Christy Brinkley has always been beautiful and now that she’s reached the big 60, she’s still beautiful and seems to be age proof. While she swears that she’s never had plastic surgery, she has admitted to having some “special” facials. So what could those facials possibly be? Speculations are that it’s Ultherapy®.

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During the Extra video, Dr. Anna Guanche remarks on how she thinks Christie Brinkley may have had Ultherapy®. Her reasoning stems from how tight her jaw line and neck are which are exactly the areas that Ultherapy does it’s  best work to treat and keep the face looking young. After all, there’s not too many 60 year old that look like Christie does without having had something done.

So would Ultherapy® do the same for you? While the treatment results vary from patient to patient, one thing is for certain, you will experience tightening in the jowl and neck areas and in the brow area. A lot depends on how much damage has been done prior to your treatment. If you wait until there’s a lot to repair, you may not get quite the same result and it may require more than one treatment to keep the benefits on going. While one treatment achieves fantastic results, your face continues to age and may require some maintenance treatments down the road.

Dr. Jean Chapman at Laser Med Skin and Vein Center in Johns Creek, has appeared on television shows frequently and often suggests Ultherapy® for people just starting to show signs of aging. As Christie Brinkley remarked, she has had many of these “special” facials, meaning she has been using it as a tool for some time to keep her face looking young and tight, and very natural looking.

Ultherapy® Lift is the only FDA approved, non-surgical skin tightening treatment for reducing the jowl area as well as tightening the neck. These are usually the first places that show signs of aging on people. The procedure is safe and there’s no down time. Results are natural but the effect can be life changing. Image looking years younger without surgery. There’s many believing that it’s Christie’s secret!

Laser Med Skin & Vein Center is located in Johns Creek, GA and conveniently located for people living in Alpharetta, Cumming, Suwanee, Duluth, Roswell, Sandy Springs and areas all around Metro Atlanta. People actually come from all over because they have heard that Dr. Jean Chapman is the primary provider for Ultherapy® Lift in the Atlanta area and has the experience and results to back it up.

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