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Kangan Water


It is predicted that the already booming multi-billion dollar health promotion related business will bring even more products and services in the next decade. It only makes sense when we look around to see how healthy choice products are abundant and penetrating even Walmarts and Krogers.  Supplements, water bottles, organic produce, fitness and beauty products are in stores, webstores, TV infomercials and everywhere! The American healthcare is understandably scaring a lot of us in how little it provides in the area of disease prevention and health promotion and how much of it is spent in high technology treatments to save a few severely sick individuals.  With healthcare cost skyrocketing and insurance coverage scarce, if not disappointing at best, we realize that we need to do what we can to keep ourselves out of doctors offices as best as we can.  More and more people have been seeking chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, health spas, popup weight-loss clinics and so on despite mostly out of pocket cost.

We also want to look better as that is related to how we feel.  The most commonly done cosmetic procedures in the last decade has been Botox injections.  You see med-spas, popup Botox clinics, body contouring clinics opening and closing for the last decade.  We’d like to look and feel younger for sure.

I am a cosmetic laser and vein specialist and have been helping my patients look better for the last 10 years of my medical career.  I have served as an principal investigator for a very popular Botox product and am still on faculty panels for a couple of major cosmetic pharmaceuticals to educate medical professionals how to do what I am good at, which is making people look younger.  I know I am good at that and love doing what I do.  It is very rewarding to see my work almost instantly, to see patients happy, to watch them come back year after year and to see their family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers they refer.  Now that I’m a decade into doing this specialty of medicine, I have started to wonder how I can help my patients feel better too.  I have seen patients before and after cancer treatments, all kinds of musculoskeletal and joint issues, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, hormonal problems, and depression/anxiety over the years wondering what else I can do to help them, other than helping them look better.  I sell some antioxidant skincare products and supplements at my clinic, but I know the benefits are limited.

It was not until I actually started having my own muscle/joint pains and hormonal issues that I experienced first hand different aspects of current American healthcare and developed my own algorithm for health prevention and promotion.  In 2010, I started having heavy menstrual bleeding with rather short intervals between periods.  I was always borderline anemic, but after about a year of bleeding clots, I became very lightheaded and started having sleep issues.  This was also when I trained and walked 30miles for a breast cancer walk with friends.  I blamed dehydration and being out of shape for the symptoms I was having.  After a month of having sleep issues and noticing more heavy bleeding, I finally went to see a gynecologist and hormone specialist in December, 2010 who also delivered my first son when he used to practice obstetrics.  He found I was severely anemic and was estrogen dominant and he put me on iron and bio-identical progesterone.  I took progesterone for six months to realize the dose that helped subside heavy bleeding was making me feel groggy, my head in the clouds and I also started having occasional feelings of depression.  I tried the lower dose, which did not help the bleeding.  So I tapered that off and started seeing a chiropractor and an acupuncturist.  When I was found to be severely anemic, I also had daily pain in my left trapizius, neck muscles and left sacroiliac joint that I was seeing a massage therapist for frequently.  The chiropractic treatments and acupuncture helped the muscle and joint pain for about two weeks each time, but it did not help the bleeding.

I was at my wits end by early September 2011 and did not want to have to go for treatments every two weeks.  I was still having problems with PMS, heavy periods and I felt like my life was being dictated by those issues.  When my friend from church, Carolyn, told me about this wonderful amazing water did for her knee, I told her I would try a bag of dung, if it would help my problems, not to mention all the water that I have to drink.  She said she had needed to have knee surgery but after drinking this water found that she no longer needed the surgery.  The water, she said, was called Kangan water which is antioxidant rich, alkaline water from a Japanese water ionizing machine she bought and hooked up to her kitchen faucet.

Carolyn is such a dynamic, dear human being who is the most friendly person you will meet.  She delivered water to me for 5 weeks until I bought my own machine.  After 2 weeks of drinking Kangan water, I realized that my muscle pain was gone and I had not had any chiropractic treatment or acupuncture at least two weeks prior to starting the water. After drinking it for 2 more weeks, I noticed that my bowels were regular, was sleeping better and had more energy throughout the day.  By the fifth week, I made the most amazing and exciting discovery. I went 28 DAYS in between my periods and my bleeding was not as heavy!!  I was convinced, I had to get that Enagic ionizer!  I could not get that hooked up fast enough in my kitchen.

Drinking adequate amounts of water to stay hydrated, is no doubt very important.  Our bodies are made up of 70% water and thus water is a critical part of having good health.  It plays key roles in normal cell functions, flushing out toxins, wastes from our bodies, as well as maintaining our bodies’ homeostasis.  Chronic dehydration causes many well-known diseases and symptoms such bladder, kidney infections, fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, depression, metabolic issues just to name a few.  We also know that alkaline diets are healthier diets that keep the weight off much better as compared to other fad diets.  We have also learned that cancer cells and other diseased cells can not live in alkaline environments and that cancer patients often improve on alkaline diets.

We drink water from the faucet, refrigerator, delivered water containers, bottles, and other water purifying devices using various filters or reverse osmosis.  Bottled water is a fast grown megabucks industry that started to cause some people to wonder about the safety of the sources of water, bottling processes as well as delivery methods.  You just have to wonder what happens to the water chemically, when it sits in cases in the hot Georgia summer outside of gas station stores.  I personally have spent my share of money on various bottled waters and filter systems.

When I investigated further on water ionizers, I realized that none of the concerns we have on bottled water apply to good medical grade water ionizers.  On top of that, I learned that Kangan water was the most stable alkaline water with highest ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential, which measures the antioxidant ability).  The Enagic ionizer also is the only device that received medical patent in Japan and soon in the US. What better way to alkalinize ourselves than doing so with water when our bodies are 70% water anyways!  Supplements, foods, shakes, other drinks all help, of course. But not as much as water which we know is imperative to good health.  I have had the best results from Kangan water when I drank 80-90 ounces a day, which is much more than half of my weight in ounces.  I couldn’t load myself that much safely with other methods.

I have so far been drinking the Kangan water for four and a half months.  I have not had any pain in my left trapezius, neck and SI joint during that time!  I even started running, despite my long history of knee pains and have tolerated it very well.  I used to run 10k races, but none for the last 10 years due to knee pains.  My PMS, sleep issues and heavy periods are dramatically better.  On top of that, friends and patients have started noticing my skin clarity as well as the amount of hair growth I had in four and half months!!!  I have also been sharing this water with my staff, friends, family and whoever will listen to my testimonial.  I have had great joy in hearing how it is helping them as well as reading others testimonials that they have seen miraculous improvements in diabetic control, kidney functions, musculoskeletal issues including arthritis, skin problems such as eczema and acne, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, as well as recovery from surgeries, to name just a few.

I feel confident that I can help a lot of my patients feel better with this Kangan water now based on my personal experience.  It is one most amazing and best health choices I have made for my life.  We all do whatever it is that we think will help our health, especially at the beginning each new year.  Weight loss, more exercise, more regular visits to doctors, organic food purchases, regular intake of supplements, quitting smoking or less alcohol binges.  Whatever that may be that will help us in the long run. I have tried most of the above and yet, nothing has helped me as much as this alkaline, antioxidant rich water!

Next time you are in my clinic to let me help you look better, why don’t you ask me about Kangan water to help you feel better as well!


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