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Medical Micro-Needling for Hair Growth

microneedlingHair loss due to male pattern baldness affects, at some point, approximately 80% of the adult male population. And women can also experience hair loss. But hair loss is not a conscious choice. The emotional aspects of living with hair loss can be stressful (for either gender) as we live in a culture that views hair as a sign of youth, attractiveness, and good health. Attitudes towards baldness have slowly been changing, aka. “bald is beautiful”, focus on the impacts of cancer in books, on TV and in movies, and a recent trend for some male celebrities to choose to shave their heads – for a role, for an impact, for a certain look – although the majority of these celebs have the option to let it grow back. However, it is doubtful most people would voluntarily opt for permanent hair loss.

In short, living with hair loss can be difficult, and past approaches to hair restoration have resulted in unnatural looking rows or clusters of hair. No one consciously wants to look like they have a crop growing on their head, or like the Little Rascals character Alfalfa. The recent advent of medical micro-needling for hair restoration, using a specially formulated growth serum, now provides a viable option for natural looking hair re-growth.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur?

Science has disclosed that the health of the scalp significantly affects hair growth. In addition to hair loss due to heredity, hair follicles can be damaged by chemical processing, a poor diet, stress, environmental hazards, chlorine, hormone imbalance, menopause, childbirth, medication, and disease. Hair follicles have resting and growing phases, and lacking proper nutrients the resting stages increase while their growing phases decrease. DHT is a hormone which undermines the absorption of vital nutrients required for healthy hair follicles. It is a factor underlying hair thinning, resulting in a damaged or miniaturized hair follicle, which impacts the ability to efficiently produce hair, and eventually the hair follicle dies and the hair falls out.

The Medical Micro-Needling Solution to Hair Regeneration

Medical micro-needling is a recent innovation used for collagen induction and initiation of cellular regeneration by inflicting a controlled skin injury. Precision-engineered stainless steel micro-needles penetrate the top layers of the scalp without causing damage. This penetration allows a much higher absorption of the growth serum element Dr. Chapman uses to treat hair loss and re-grow hair – enhancing its therapeutic effect. There are several other benefits to medical micro-needling of the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

•   Medical micro-needling the scalp removes the sebum around the hair follicles and reduces DHT from the hair papilla. By removing the sebum, and reducing DHT in the sebum, the blood supply increases and the hair follicles are therefore exposed to more nutrients for absorption.

•   Stimulates the skin’s own renewal mechanism by rushing healing agents and collagen to the hair follicles.

•   Increase hydration and promote elimination of toxins.

•   Improve elasticity and resilience.

•   Hair growth patterns are natural and density gradually increases over time. No more “bald today – hairy tomorrow” effects.

What Does the Hair Growth Serum Do?

It has been found that there are very specific peptides (proteins) that are involved in the communication process between cells and tissues. These proteins, called growth factors, regulate the growth cycle of a cell, and its replication and regeneration mechanisms. A serum has been designed explicitly to restore the normal growth cycle of hair follicles, comprised of growth factors specifically chosen to achieve maximum penetration and provide the greatest possible benefits to the scalp and follicle.  Dr. Chapman uses this growth serum simultaneously with the micro-needling process to treat both men and women. There are no known side effects.

Before and After Medical Micro-Needling for Hair Loss

Before and After Medical Micro-Needling for Hair Loss

What is the Recommended Treatment?

Dr. Chapman initially recommends a series of one treatment per week for 5 weeks. Following a “rest period” of about 2 weeks, she will re-evaluate the condition and results, and a second series of weekly treatments may be recommended. Hair growth does continue over time following the treatments, so the final outcome is not immediate. A refresher treatment may be warranted annually. If you are interested in learning more about medical micro-needling for hair growth stimulation, schedule a consultation with Dr. Chapman at our new office in Johns Creek, GA. The location is ideal for those living in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Cumming, Suwanne, Roswell and Johns Creek, as well as patients from all over the Atlanta Metro area and beyond.

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