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Scar Remodeling

Lady receiving a Filler Treatment | Atlanta Skin CareScarring on the body can be embarrassing. The good news is that Dr. Chapman has non-surgical methods to help fill deep scarring and give back their patients’ confidence. Dermal fillers are an easy and relatively inexpensive treatment for scarring.


Perlane is a safe and effective way to fill scarring. It was originally used to smooth and fill fine lines and wrinkles but has been found to be quite effective at treating scars with a few to no side effects. Perlane is made up of hyaluronic acid gel, an acid that our bodies naturally produce.
Perlane’s main function is to complement the body’s naturally occurring hyaluronic acid; when injected, it lasts anywhere from four to six months. The reason this is one of the most popular of all the dermal fillers is because the results can be seen almost immediately. A lot of patients even report seeing noticeable improvement in their scars before they even leave the office!


Restylane is another dermal filling product that’s comprised of hyaluronic acid. and used to fill lines, wrinkles, and perform scar remodeling. When this brand is used, Dr. Chapman performs a procedure called “subcision”, which is when a needle is used to dislodge the scar tissue beneath the skin. The Restylane is then injected into that space, raising the scar and eliminating the indentation that was there before.

The subcision procedure works best on “rolling” scars or scars that have a large surface area. Scars with the diameter of a dime or quarter caused by cystic acne see great improvement with this procedure, often seeing improvement after a few treatments. Before the treatment, the area under the scar feels hard or lumpy and is caused by the scar tissue. It is this tissue that will be dislodged with the subcision.

It does take several months or even years of treatment with this kind of scar remodeling to have permanent results. The repetitive dislodging of the scar tissue is what removes the fibrous tissue from the base of the scar and the injections of the hyaluronic acid allows the skin to produce collagen and elastic to permanently fill the scar.

If you have a deep scarring and is finding it to negatively impact their life, they should call Dr. Chapman at LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic and book a consultation to see how these two products may be able to restore you confidence and repair your skin to its former beauty.

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