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Smartphone Face: Side Effect of Technology
Ultherapy at LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic can Firm and Tighten the Signs of Smartphone Face

Ultherapy at LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic can Firm and Tighten the Signs of Smartphone Face

A relatively new phenomenon, hand-held cellphones and pad devices have been offenders held responsible for impairing our overall health, our eye site, our hearing, our sleep patterns, irradiating us, and even spoiling our personal relationships. Accidents occurring as a result of walking and/or driving while checking the smartphone have increased dramatically, sometimes resulting in loss of life. Now we have another potential side-effect – and the contest between appearance and technology is on.

Can smartphones prematurely age you? Our dependence on cell phones and other portable electronic devices appears to be sparking a relatively new phenomenon, but it could become a drooping jawline epidemic. It’s what is currently called “Smartphone Face” for lack of a better term. What is it you ask? Smartphone Face is a reflection of YOU with a combination of sagging jowls, double chins, and marionette lines.  It begins to develop as a result of sitting for hours on end staring at your cell phone or laptop pad with a bent neck, head slightly forward.  This lovely “downward gaze” position tends to shorten the neck muscles while simultaneously increasing our friend – gravitational pull – on the jowl area. Viola! We have drooping jawline!  It’s especially noticeable during selfie sessions and video-chats. Even the younger generation is at greater risk for drooping jawline and neck creasing.


In and of itself, a smartphone isn’t going to cause drooping and line formation. Most physical symptoms of smartphone face can be attributed to genetics, the progressive skin laxity and loss of collagen associated with aging, and variations in weight. Combined with the downward gravitational pull of gazing into the mobile device, the lower portions of some people’s faces are naturally more susceptible to developing the indications of this affliction. While the least costly and most effective “cure” for Smartphone Face is to go cold turkey and abandon the use of your hand-held communication device, we all know in this world of gadgets that isn’t going to happen. That leaves other options of surgery or cosmetic treatments.


In recent years there appears to be a rapid rise (over 70% increase) in “chinplants” and other jaw-focused cosmetic surgery. So much in fact that a name has been coined for chin plant surgery to correct Smartphone Face – the “chintervention”. However, a chin implant can typically cost in the range of $7,000, and cost aside, it is not really the solution for most people, because in Smartphone Face, the principal problem is not bone loss which a chin plant corrects.  It’s the interrelationship of fat and soft tissue loss with gravitational pull emphasized by the bent neck/downward oriented facial position.

So, a unless bone loss is your issue, you can avoid surgery and firm up your jawline with a plethora of less invasive techniques ranging from: face yoga; home gym neckline trainers and other facial exercises; chin sculpting dermal fillers, wrinkle inhibitor injections such as Botox; skin-tightening lotions and facials; liposuction/laser tighteners; and then there is Ultherapy treatment.


Ultherapy is LaserMed’s recommended non-surgical FDA cleared treatment that has the capability to lift and tighten those first telltale signs of technology – receding jawline, bulldog jowls, sagging skin on the neck and chin jiggle, with minimal downtime using a non-invasive procedure. Ultherapy™ works similarly to an ultrasound. A smooth applicator is placed on your skin, which projects an image onto a screen. Low levels of focused heat are delivered at just the right depth below the skin, leaving the skin’s surface undisturbed. Your skin then responds to the energy by triggering new collagen production, which forms a sturdy structure for your skin, giving it a natural lift and firmness over time. This process continues for 2 to 3 months after having the Ultherapy™ treatment.

The whole treatment is done in about an hour and is done in Dr. Chapman’s office located on Old Alabama Rd. in Johns Creek, GA. The location is ideal for those living in Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Cumming, Suwanne, Roswell and Johns Creek, as well as patients from all over the Atlanta Metro area and beyond. Just remember to keep your phone at eye level and your chin up when you text or gaze into your mobile device to maintain your youthful appearance.

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