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Tired of Hiding Ugly Spider Veins?

Summer is when we see “short” everywhere – short dresses, short skirts, short shorts and way up to there swim suits. Short is in the stores, on websites, on advertisements, in magazines, on TV and on people everywhere! And what if you are so self-conscious of the veins on your legs that you feel you just can’t participate in the “short” trend? Dr. Jean Chapman, Owner/Founder of LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic puts the spotlight on a very popular and successful treatment in her practice known as sclerotherapy.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Treat Unsightly Varicose Veins During the Winter for Beautiful Legs Come Spring

Treat Unsightly Varicose Veins for Beautiful Legs

Sclerotherapy is an FDA approved popular hardening solution that is injected directly into the purple spider or feeder blue veins to close them. In a couple of weeks or less, those veins are disposed and gone. Different types of solutions may still be used at other practices, but they cause more discomfort and less success. Superficial lasers are helpful at times, typically on smaller facial veins, but overall sclerotherapy is the most effective and least painful treatment with the least amount of side effects. There are so many places that advertise that they treat spider veins. Be sure you have selected the best vein doctor to take care of your vein removal.

Tips for Selecting a Vein Doctor

The American College of Phlebology or ACP is the official governing organization that oversees the vein specialty. Board certified phlebologists are recognized vein specialists who are sub-specialized in the treatment of any veins, both superficial and deep, in the body. With this specific training and certification, Dr. Chapman understands and diagnoses superficial cosmetic issues as well as deep medical vein issues and is able to treat all by using lasers, injections, minor surgeries and other modalities. That’s why you should select Dr. Chapman as your vein specialist over the other specialists that only treat superficial veins with either lasers or simple injections.

How Do I Know if Sclerotherapy is Right for Me?

Dr. Chapman, a board certified vein specialist, will examine and diagnose your vein condition with duplex ultrasound to decide if simple sclerotherapy is what you need. In many cases only a single sclerotherapy treatment may be sufficient, although typically a series of treatments are recommended for ultimate results. However, if reflux in present in the veins causing venus insufficiency then endovenous laser ablation treatment (EVLT) or a phlebectomy may be indicated.

Do you have questions about your spider veins? Call LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jean Chapman 678-990-4900.

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