I am a patient of Dr. Jean Chapman and have been for several years. I was referred to her by a friend who had had vein work done on her legs. I have had very bad varicose veins for 30 plus years… due to pregnancies close together. Dr. Chapman did a procedure that helped tremendously with the appearance of my legs. Dr. Chapman has also done soft tissue fillers, botox on my face…. There is minimal bruising as she is very careful. Again, the results are excellent. I cannot say enough nice statements about the staff and professionalism of Dr. Chapman’s office!

A.G. Jan. 9, 2013

Every experience I have had at LaserMed has been fantastic! I love the way I look and feel. The atmosphere is warm and friendly. LaserMed stays up- to-date on the latest products and procedures.

Leighanne Littrell Atlanta, Georgia

Acne always contributes to sadness, isolation and overall low self esteem. Towards the end of last year my skin decided to flare up, I was not sure what happened and it was not getting better, even makeup couldn’t help me. After several visits to the dermatologist and endless insurance claim statements, my acne was not getting any better, rather worse. One day, I went to the nail shop and the lady felt so sorry for me that she tore a page from a magazine that had an advertisement for LaserMed Skin Clinic to contact them. Even though I did not complain to her, she decided to take the initiative. That should conclude on how bad my acne was. My first visit was a consultation with Dr. Chapman; she explained everything about laser treatments and made me feel at ease. Even though I was nervous and worried about the pain I might have to go through, I had no other choice but to sign up for the Fraxel Laser Treatment, especially since I had exhausted all other options.  Wwith the first treatment, I saw great improvement. The third made me social again! Dr. Chapman decided to perform the Fractionate CO2 for my last treatment (#4) that proved to me that my skin was clear for I had to go without makeup for a week after the treatment to avoid cellulitis etc. That meant no makeup to work–something I never thought I could do. My co-workers were amazed!! I cannot tell you how happy I am with my results (4 treatments, spread out within 3.5 months). I am free to live again and be out there laughing and socializing with people, something that acne made me withdraw from. I appreciated and salute Dr Chapman, Lisa (my buddy) and Carla. You guys are the best!!! So please, if you have acne -CALL LASERMED SKIN CLINIC in Alpharetta, GA!!!!

Anne Atlanta, Georgia

With only one visit to Dr. Jean Chapman, LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic, and her staff, I knew that I would never go to any other clinic or Doctor, specializing in the many anti-aging procedures so prominent in today’s marketplace. I have been a patient for over seven years.  In this time, my respect and admiration for this exceptional doctor and the procedures she and her staff so competently perform, have only grown with time. This clinic always seems to be ”on the cutting edge” of the newest and best procedures, all aimed at reversing the ravishing effects of Mother Nature but never administered without the extensive research and experimentation and/or consulting to patient suitability, that are typical of the standards and integrity that are Dr. Chapman’s trademark. With her skilled hand, her “artist’s eye” for balance and proportion, and her respect for each patient’s facial individuality, patients emerge looking refreshed, natural ( like themselves, only better) and younger. Her staff, a reflection of Dr. Chapman, herself, is the “frosting on the cake.” They are experienced,trained under Dr. Chapman’s careful tutelage, competent, and very, very caring. If Doctors were greeting cards, Dr. Jean Chapman would be a Hallmark Card, and she and her staff will continue to maintain my loyalty until the day comes, that I can no longer see myself in a mirror or remember to do so, whichever comes first.

Patricia McCullough  Alpharetta, Georgia

One day I walked in to meet Dr. Chapman after hearing such positive things about her work. It was an injectables day, and I had been very scarred and reluctant to even consider it. In the back of my mind I knew I would not consider Botox. But because it was Dr. Chapman, I would at least listen to what she had to say. This is when my opinion changed drastically. She comfortably stood by me and explained what Botox is and her many many years of experience with it and all the studies she had been a part of. She took her time and eased my mind. WOW. I couldn’t believe it; the next thing I knew is I was having it put into the areas of my face that were needed, and I loved the results. She is an artist and very particular about her work. I wouldn’t go to anyone else now. Dr. Chapman is truly an exceptional doctor who cares about her profession and her patients. I feel lucky to have her for all my “beauty” needs. She is the best!!!

Carolynn Yakush

Dr. Jean Chapman is a rare treasure. She takes time to listen to patient concerns and offers the best possible solutions. She and her staff genuinely care about their patients and do whatever is necessary to give the best possible care. A patient is never rushed or pressured to choose any particular option. Dr. Chapman is extremely knowledgeable explains all remedies in detail and helps the patient achieve desired results. Many doctors try to rush patients though the system and sell the latest laser but NOT Dr. Chapman. Patient care is the number one concern with her and the wonderful staff at LaserMed.

Joyce Mays

I have been a patient of Dr. Jean Chapman’s for six years. Upon entering the clinic I am greeted warmly and the waiting room decor is warm and inviting. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. I have referred several friends to the clinic and all have come away with a similar positive response. Dr. Chapman’s expertise is evident in her wealth of knowledge of all areas of skin and wealth management. She is pleasant and likable, more like speaking to a friend rather than a medical professional. I can truthfully say that LaserMed is the only doctor’s office I do not mind going to. Some days if I am nearby and don’t even have a scheduled appointment, I will even just drop in to say a quick hello to everybody.

Victoria H. Johns Creek, Ga.