RF Needling

Improving acne scarring can be a challenge for many aesthetic doctors, but not for Dr. Jean Chapman. She has achieved excellent results by using RF Needling, a radio frequency (RF) technology. Radio Frequency or RF Needling treatments for acne scars are a fabulous method for acne scar revision.

How Does RF Needling Work?

RF Needing Before_After

Before & After Photo of Dr. Jean Chapman’s Patient who had the RF Needling treatment for acne scarring.

This treatment does not use laser, but uses radiofrequency energy to produce new collagen and fill in the scars. The radio frequency is delivered via a fractional technique into the deep layers of skin. Heat and energy break down the scar tissue, with very little damage or trauma to the outer layers of skin. This process is quite gentle, and has very little downtime.

RF Needling for acne scars can be done on its own, or it can be combined with other acne treatments such as TCA Cross Acne Chemical peels, and laser resurfacing. Most radio frequency treatments for acne scars will require a series of treatments. The number of treatments needed will depend greatly on the type of acne scarring that is being treated, the age of the scarring and of course how well you are responding to the treatments.

RF Needling for acne scars is the least invasive of all the treatments someone could receive, including chemical peels and lasers. Laser treatments can leave you swollen, red, and bruised for days or several weeks. Many people simply don’t want to endure that or don’t have time in their busy lives for that sort of downtime. This makes RF Needling  treatments for acne scars the perfect option for them. The treatments can also be done on skins of color including Asian skin types.

RF Needling treatments are typically not painful at all. In fact, on low settings most patients do not require any topical numbing whatsoever. Numbing is necessary at higher settings and the numbing does a great job of making these treatments quite comfortable. Dr. Chapman will discuss your treatment settings with you and determine if numbing will be required or not. It is important to advise them if you have any known allergies to numbing agents.

Additional benefits from RF Needling include skin tightening, diminished wrinkles, and textural skin improvement. Call Laser Med Skin Clinic to schedule a consultation and learn what treatments are best for your acne scars – 678-990-4900.

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