B12 Shots


B12 Shots Now at Laser Med B12 Shots are now being administered by Dr. Jean Chapman at Laser Med Skin and Vein Center is Alpharetta, Georgia. [...]

B12 Shots2020-10-07T16:04:29-04:00

Anti-Aging Health Supplements by Metagenics


Metagenics Anti-Aging Health Supplements Anti-aging health supplements by Metagenics was founded on a revolutionary idea—our genes do not pre-determine our health potential, and through nutrition, we [...]

Anti-Aging Health Supplements by Metagenics2020-09-09T12:20:12-04:00

Skincare Solutions At Home


A question we’ve often been asked during these uncertain times is what skincare solutions at home are available for a dull, ashy, or tired-looking complexion. Unfortunately, [...]

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Neck Aging Reversal


The Best Neck Aging Reversal - Alastin Restorative Neck Complex The best neck aging reversal product is Alsatin’s Reversal Neck Complex. This next generation neck and [...]

Neck Aging Reversal2020-01-31T14:18:13-05:00

PRP for Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation


At Lasermed Skin Clinic in Alpharetta, we’re now using PRP for ultimate facial rejuvenation results. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) has been found to naturally revitalize the [...]

PRP for Ultimate Facial Rejuvenation2019-11-06T14:00:30-05:00

Non-Surgical Facelift with Vivace and Ultherapy Power Duo


The power duo of Ultherapy and Vivace for a non-surgical facelift is what Dr. Chapman considers her “secret sauce” when patients come into LaserMed in Alpharetta, [...]

Non-Surgical Facelift with Vivace and Ultherapy Power Duo2019-09-25T15:19:38-04:00

Jeuveau, the New Botox


Jeuveau is the new Botox in town and LaserMed Skin and Vein Clinic is excited to be one of the first to introduce it. Jeuveau [...]

Jeuveau, the New Botox2019-09-05T14:29:04-04:00

Dermaplaning to Defuzz Your Face


Peach fuzz is perfect on, well, peaches, but it can be an unwelcome attribute on your face. Don’t pick up that little pink perfumed razor just [...]

Dermaplaning to Defuzz Your Face2019-09-03T12:51:27-04:00