Dr. Jean Chapman Featured in Our Milton Neighbor

The Chapman Family

Dr. Jean Chapman was recently featured in a local community magazine, Our Milton Neighbor. The magazine is developed by Best Version Media https://www.bestversionmedia.com/ 

Here is the article published in Our Milton Neighbor titled Work/Life Balanced: The Chapman Family by Stacey Poehler

Dr. Jean Chapman in Our Milton NeighborDr. Jim Chapman and Dr. Jean Chapman were living very different lives until their worlds collided in their second year of school at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). Jim grew up in a rural town in southern Ohio making his way to Clemson University for his undergraduate degree and then to MUSC. Jean grew up in South Korea and after spending two years at the university there, she decided to backpack through Europe on trains and foot on a trip that ultimately framed the rest of her life. When she returned to South Korea, her university administered the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) for students who were interested in becoming translators for the 1988 Olympics which would be held in Seoul. Jean had the highest score in the entire country and was assigned as a translator to the Finnish president of the International Olympic Committee for Track and Field. She traveled with her for two weeks meeting many famous Olympic track and field athletes and getting exposure to many diverse cultures and experiences. Ultimately, Jean decided to continue on a path of cultural expansion enrolling at the College of Charleston to finish her undergraduate degree. She worked as a nurse and then matriculated at MUSC for medical school. Jim and Jean met during their second year at MUSC when there was a crossover between classes for dental and medical students. Jim graduated second in his class and Jean joked that he would have been number one if not for her distracting him from his studies! To ensure that they were able to stay
together after graduating and getting married, they had to do a couples match for their residency programs and they ended up at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond
which was Jim’s first choice of orthodontic problems. Jean was accepted for general medicine and was able to do a fellowship in esthetic medicine and vein specialty knowing that she ultimately wanted to work in that field.

When it came time for the Chapmans to decide where they were going to build their practices and start their family, Atlanta was the obvious choice. Jean was looking for a larger, culturally diverse city with an airport that had direct flights to South Korea. She also wanted to be somewhere that had Korean grocery stores and, of course, somewhere warm. Jim wanted to be close to his parents who were now in Greenville, SC, so the Atlanta area worked well for both of them.

Jim opened his practice, Chapman Orthodontics, in Roswell in 2002 and relocated to Milton seven years later. He celebrated the 10-year anniversary of his Milton practice this July. Jean opened her aesthetic practice, LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic, in Alpharetta in 2003 and relocated to a new space in the same area this past fall. Having always had an eye for the arts and details, Jean feels that medical esthetics is the perfect specialty for her to combine her artistic side and medical knowledge.

This fall in 2019, she will also be offering aesthetic services in Jim’s Milton office on Fridays.

Jim, Jean and their two sons, Andy (16), and Alex (12) have made Milton their home for 10 years. The boys attend Fellowship Christian School in Roswell and are very active
in sports and volunteer work. In addition to playing baseball and running cross country, Andy is an avid fisherman. He rekindled his love of the sport through some friends in 6th grade and has been passionately pursuing it ever since. He once had a conversation with Mayor Lockwood about the possibility of adding new fishing holes and ponds to the City and while he did not get the answer he had hoped for, he did get an invitation to fish in the Mayor’s pond! His biggest catch was a 10 lb. striped bass out of Lake Lanier. Andy was also on staff at Vacation Bible School this summer. A gymnast since he was a young age, Alex now plays competitive tennis out of Vamos Academy in Alpharetta. He also enjoys basketball and playing video games with his friends. He and his mom often volunteer together through their church at food pantries and visiting the elderly.

The Chapman family enjoys spending time together traveling and eating out. They recently went to New York City where they explored together and went to the top of the Empire State Building. They like trying new restaurants and types of ethnic food. They say their favorite spot is District III, a Vietnamese restaurant at Avalon. Jim is also a great cook, making ethnic dishes and family favorites like Greek Style Scampi. His favorite recent dish was a tomato, zucchini, and summer squash tart that he made from homegrown vegetables his assistant, Connie, gave to him. His friends and family love his tiramisu cake so much that they ask if they can order it from him. One of the family’s favorite meals is when Andy fries a fish he caught. Recently, Jim found a used car for Andy out in Denver and they flew there together and drove it all the way back to Milton.
Although he didn’t intend it to be, the trip turned out to be a great father/son bonding experience. Seeing 1,700 miles of the country together, Jim and Andy really enjoyed the road trip. Jim remarked that many doctors don’t like to live where they practice, but he loves it. He loves seeing patients in the grocery store or in a restaurant. He loves when his younger patients get excited to see him outside the office and when his teen patients see him in public and pretend that they don’t know him! Jean laughed talking about how they both turn their heads when someone on the street calls out, “Dr. Chapman,” but over the years she has realized that her patients aren’t usually the ones trying to get her attention in public!

The Chapman family makes balancing work and family look easy, but a lot of planning and forethought has gone into it over the years. Although it really happened accidentally, they each only work three days with only one day overlapping, Mondays. They have their schedules arranged so that one person is always off or finished early enough to be there for the boys, helping with school work and taking them to their activities. Jean said, “I wouldn’t do it any other way now. Raising kids in a place that isn’t familiar to me and where school is so different from where I grew up, we needed to be there for them. Having done all that and having been an expert in my field, nothing comes close to the legacy of my children. We are both involved in shaping their lives and their paths.They are our biggest accomplishments.” This is certainly a sentiment that we can all take to heart and hope that we, too, can achieve one day. Milton is very lucky to count the Chapmans among our residents, so next time you see them around town, call out to them and let them know what a great job they are doing with both their careers and family.

If you live in Milton or Alpharetta you may have received Our Milton Neighbor. If not, you can reach out to Our Milton Neighbor through the Greater North Fulton Chamber and request a copy.