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Info About Veins

LaserMed’s Dr. Jean Chapman is board certified by the American College of Phlebology, the field of medicine dealing with disorders of the venous system. After conducting a complete physical examination of your condition Dr. Chapman will recommend one of the following treatments.

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Meet Dr. Chapman

If it’s the latest in anti-aging skin care, acne, veins, traditional skin care treatments or tatoo removal, you’ll be under the excellent care of Jean Chapman, M.D. - Principal Investigator for Dysport FDA study - National Teaching faculty for fillers and Botox - Board-certified by American College of Phlebology for Vein Procedures - Active Member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery since 2002.

See Jean Chapman, M.D. on Channel 11's Atlanta & Co.

Dr. Jean Chapman is a regular guest on NBC Channel 11's live midday talk show Atlanta and Company. The host of the show is Christine Pullara who is actually a patient of Dr. Chapman. She and Dr. Chapman discuss the many treatments that are offered at Laser Med Aesthetic Center. Christine often comments on the many treatments she has had and how great her skin looks and feels.

Ms. Pullara says Dr. Chapman is her "go-to" doctor when she wants to look 10 years younger! She is a regular for having injectable treatments such as Botox and fillers. She comments on how Dr. Chapman specializes in procedures meant to make you feel more beautiful and better than ever!

In this interview, Dr. Chapman covers Smart Lipo and varicose vein treatment. Smart Lipo is different than regular liposuction in that it uses laser heat to melt the fat. Instead of using a regular cannula and the man power needed to extract the fat, Smart Lipo melts the fat more evenly and the laser heat coagulates so that there is less bleeding. Also, the fat removed during Smart Lipo comes out easier and is less traumatic to the patient. The laser also heats up the tissue which gives about 40% more tightening to the skin. Smart Lipo is done under local anesthesia with the patient being totally awake during the entire procedure. There is no pain involved. Recovery time is approximately 2 weeks but patients usually can do most of their regular daily activities during that time.

ATLCO Logo Dr. Chapman goes on to discuss varicose vein treatment which is another one of Laser Med & Vein Clinic's specialty treatments. Typically varicose vein removal was done by a stripping method which caused a lot of down time and sometimes complications occurred. Patients had to miss a lot of days from work or other activities. With laser vein treatment you can actually find the reflux, or where the valves are not working properly, and can ablate that vein through a tiny needle access. Patients are not being cut at all during this procedure. Treatment is done using local anesthesia and pain medication. Patients walk in and walk out and later that day they can even return to work as well as many other activities. Dr. Chapman conducts an ultra-sound test during a preliminary appointment that will indicate any leakage in the veins. This treatment is almost always covered by insurance.